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My life is so boring I've run out of witty quotes!

Hrm, so let's see... not a terribly exciting past few days, but that's really okay, right? I've been working on my resume some more and also updating my website - right now I'm still using my UF webspace but I have considered getting a domain of my own. I figure right now, though, free is much better! I spent the day yesterday shopping with Mom; all I really got was a dress that I can use for graduation, but considering I needed one, that's not so bad. Today I... slept, but I think that's because I kept getting woken up early so by the time my alarm actually went off, I still felt exhausted and went back to sleep for another few hours. I still got up at 11, though, which is much better than 3.

Um... other than that, nothing terribly exciting, I don't think. I think the neighbors have arrived next door, which isn't so bad, though they were doing a lot of yardwork today. But the weather has turned really nice, in the 80s so I can sit with the doors and windows open if I want and it's not too hot or too cold. Still no word as to when the cabinets in the kitchen will get doors, but I've given up and started putting things in them anyway. I'll just move everything again when the final stuff gets done. I think some of Mom's friends may be using the house this weekend so I may have to go stay with her for a day or two, but they'll just have to deal with the clutter.

And totally useless to anyone but me, but I sat down and made myself a pretty profile (well, using someone else's code, but still!) and learned how to use tiny icons so things look all cool on my journal and flist now. :D; Yeah, totally not a big accomplishment, but I've been meaning to do it for a while.

All right, that really is it for this boring update.
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