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We are not looting the Jedi Temple!

It is WINDY today. You know that blustery day in WInnie The Pooh? That appears to be the state of Arizona today!

It's been a BUSY couple of days. Tuesday we got the countertops in (OMG YAY) and the rest of the cabinets in; yesterday the plumber came by (two hours earlier than I was expecting >>) and hooked up the sink and the dishwasher - I have never been happier about modern conveniences in my entire life. So I have been steadily washing dishes, though I really have noplace to put them - the cabinet shelves are in, but not the drawers or doors. Soooo the kitchen still remains a bit of a work in progress, but it is so much nicer with the countertops and sink!

And on to this morning! Mom and Aunt Nancy had me list some pieces they wanted to sell on Craigslist last night, and I had a buyer come by this morning and pick them up. (In fact, Aunt Nancy was so happy to get those pieces out of here that she said I could keep the money from the sale. No complaints here!) Of course, while that was ongoing, the guys showed up with the new couch my aunt had ordered for the kitchen eat-in area, so there was quite a bit of shuffling. Then, just when I thought all was calm, the pest control guy showed up and sprayed the house (which is good, there are a lot of little bugs that seem to think this is their home). NOW I think I'm finally off the hook for the rest of the day, though Mom wants me to come over and organize some of the stuff I have in her garage and she also has the book I just ordered and hopefully a check for me from Aunt Nancy for watching the house so I can pay my health insurance this month. WHEW.

Livejournal is still being slow, but such is the way of things when they try to fix things, I've learned. Ah well. Maybe I can get some writing done today, or work some more on my resume. (Yayyyy... yeah, that would be sarcasm.) I do also want to make myself a new webpage and get myself out there, writing- and even science-wise. I don't know how long my webspace at UF is going to last, but I might as well take advantage of it while I can!

All of this, and I STILL NEED A JOB, YO.
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