March 21st, 2012

Twilight Sparkle - happy reading!

We are indeed suitably employed.

Wow, okay, so hey guys. It's been a while, hasn't it? But since I actually just renewed my account, it was a pretty good reminder that hey, I should maybe use it.

At least part of the reason for my lapse, at least, is that I have been busy. I have three sort-of part-time jobs now, so with all three of those going on I keep pretty busy. I'm still working about 30 hours a week at Starbucks and also taking content writing packages as I can, and I am also employed giving star tours a couple of nights a week at a little B&B up south of Tucson that has a small private observatory attached. It's actually a pretty sweet deal: $25/hr for 2-3-hour tours of the night sky where all I have to do is tell the telescope where to go and it finds the object I want to show. Then all I have to do is talk about random cool astronomy things and point at things with my fancy green laser pointer and people are impressed. 8D The work isn't necessarily steady, but I did have four groups last week and two this week so it is at least not too sparse. Plus, it's something useful I can definitely put on my resume! Apparently I have gotten very good reviews, as well? (Ahaha, all this means is I've convinced people that I know what I'm talking about. I must be much better than previously thought at acting. XD)

Really, though, all of that has been keeping me pretty well occupied, especially since my hours are early in the morning at Starbucks so I have to go to bed at 8 or 9 most nights (sacrilege, I know!). They've been letting me bar more, though, which makes the time go a zillion times faster as long as we're busy, so I like that. The sensor in the Drive Thru has been broken the past two days, which means that it doesn't ding when a car pulls up and someone has to be there to watch the camera at all times, which seems to have made everyone working in that corner a little punch-drunk (and it's entertaining to watch). I am off tomorrow (yay!) and I actually have four days off next week so I am looking forward to doing random things like getting the car oil changed (okay, well, not looking forward to that but it does need to get done) and hopefully getting a trim because my hair grows fast and also possibly looking at a couple of little houses to rent up in Tucson. I've been to the U of A twice now to visit NOAO and while they can't offer me a job, they've been helpful in giving me avenues to pursue and I have been sending out some query emails. Plus, I got a good idea of where is good (and bad) to move in Tucson, so now I can really start looking for places now that I know which parts I want to try for (or avoid).

Um um um... there are a couple of other random things I've been up to but I started writing up at least one separate entry for those so in the hopes that will encourage me to POST MORE, I will leave it at that. Plus, it looks like I have five new icon slots or something crazy like that, so... I will have to get around to filling those! o/

BUT I have a star tour tonight and a bunch of other stuff to do in the meantime, so I will be going for now!